Take a minute and think about your relationship with your spouse. If you had to scale it from 0 to 10, what would it be? 0 is as bad as you think it could be and 10 is as amazing as you could imagine. Where are you? Where do you want to be?

Over the years of working with couples as an associate marriage therapist, I came to realize there were 2 kinds of couples. One kind of couple was the couple that came to see me had an “okay” relationship, but they were simply tired of it being “just okay” and so they were ready to make it a thriving one. Then there was the couple that one (or both) of them had one foot out the door. They were fed up with hurt and unforgiveness, and counseling was their last ditch effort before the divorce attorney’s appointment, which may or may not have been scheduled already.

They had one thing in common though. Do you know what that was? They made the difficult decision to schedule that appointment, with a stranger (whether I was recommended to them or not), and SHOW UP! It’s tough to take that step. It’s difficult to make that financial investment, especially when fear or hurt is involved.

BUT… things begin changing when you start with the very first step, and making that decision to invest your intentional effort is worth it.

I want to help you take your “okay” relationship and give you the tools you need to make it thrive. Even if you are the only one in the relationship that is willing to work right now, change can occur with the investment of a single person.

Think about the number I asked you about in the beginning. What was it? Do you remember? Consider what it might be a few years if nothing changes? Our relationships are always moving. If we aren’t working on them, they typically degrade over time. Don’t let another day pass. I can help you meet your goals if you are willing to try.

One of my passions is marriage, without a doubt. I’ve had 25 years of personal experience in mine, in addition to my education. Let me be the first to say, that relationships are HARD WORK!

Do It Yourself

This is not just an ordinary date book. For only $25, this Ebook has over 90 pages and will give you and your spouse everything you need to start a new chapter so you can be on your way to that thriving marriage you are dreaming of. It’s packed full of teaching, interactive couple’s activities, and life application homework challenges. Each of the 7 “date nights” are taylored to be very inexpensive to carry out (if not free), and can be done on a weekly or monthly schedule. There is even an option for a weekend intensive.

  • Date #1: Creating Brilliant Habits in the Name of Love (Love Languages & Habits)
  • Date #2: Let’s Talk it Out (Communication & Conflict Resolution)
  • Date #3: Getting to the Other Side of Forgiveness (Forgiveness & Moving On)
  • Date #4: Do What You Say You Will Do (Building Trust & Boundaries)
  • Date #5: Exploring Intimacy (Tapping into Emotional, Spiritual, & Physical Intimacy)
  • Date #6: Time for Some Fun! (Fun & Games)
  • Date #7: You are on a Marriage Mission (Creating a Marriage Mission)

Your Marriage Retreat is currently sold in an E-book and Course format. The course includes the e-book as well as other printables and is in an easy to follow format.

Coming Soon: Your Marriage Retreat in Print, Expanded Course with audio/video extras, and a coordinating Couple’s Devotional.

If you are interested in my relationship coaching packages, please email me at Christi@Resurrectingmarriage.com


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I'm Christi and this is the love of my life for the last 25 years, Joe. I wish I could say that we haven't had to endure some of life's bumps along the way, but the reality is that we have and we lived to tell the tale. 🙂 The goal for Resurrecting Marriage is to give you the resources to thrive in your marriage.
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